Ongoing: RentSmart Basics and Certificate classes

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is a national education program for renters. In Manitoba, two programs are offered: RentSmart Basics and RentSmart Certificate.


To see a calendar of courses available, click here for the Basics program and click here for the Certificate program.


RentSmart Basics is and introductory course. RentSmart Basics courses are facilitated by RentSmart Educators and are adapted to meet the unique needs of specific populations such as youth, newcomers, people with disabilities and seniors. RentSmart Basics is typically 3 hours long and is often the precursor to the RentSmart Certificate course.


RentSmart Certificate is a 12-hour course that covers the following:

Tenant rights and responsibilities

Landlord responsibilities and expectations

Living with roommates, housemates and neighbours

Effective communication skills

Budgeting and planning for housing affordability and stability

Maintenance do's and don'ts

Crisis management, safety and pests

Posted by Gord McIntyre at 3:22 PM