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North End Community Renewal Corp. Resource ID: 1
Sector: Aboriginal / Metis, Community Development, Economic Development, Families, Financial Strategies, Market Rental, Tenancy Issues, Youth
Phone: 927-2330
Fax: 582-2801
Website: http://www.necrc.org/
Key Contact: Rob Neufeld
Position: Executive Director
Email Address: rob@necrc.org


North End Community Renewal Corp.
509 Selkirk Ave.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2W 2M6


North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) is committed to the social, economic and cultural renewal of the North End. NECRC defines its development goals through annual consultations and ongoing networking with North End residents and businesses. The corporation works with community committees to plan and implement development strategies in its goal to revitalize the North End.

Other Info:

Housing. NECRC has a number of programs in relation to housing, including: Tenant Landlord Cooperation (TLC), Housing Training Initiative, Building Maintenance Construction Program, Exterior Renovation Fix-Ups, Rental Housing Registry, and Community Audits.

Employment. NECRC is dedicated to increasing the level of employment in the North End. NECRC achieves its goals through the NECRC - PATH Resource Centre and the Employment Development System Committee (EDS).

Community Development. One of the key principles of NECRC’s development philosophy is to “empower local people in the governance of the community economic development organization and of the community as a whole”. One way to achieve this is to assist in developing and sustaining neighbourhood organizations and networks.

Wellness Centre. NECRC has been working diligently in partnership with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, YMCA/YWCA of Winnipeg, SPLASH Childcare, the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre to redevelop the old North End YMCA site as a community facility. It is intended that the Centre will be a community-driven initiative, designed to reflect resident demands for a local gathering place, that focuses on wellness, operates according to community standards, and is inclusive and accessible to all.

Safety. NECRC is involved in a number of safety initiatives aimed at crime prevention and harm reduction. These include engaging community, building networks and partnerships, and developing/participating in innovative safety projects and programs.