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Sara Riel, Inc. Resource ID: 12
Sector: Aboriginal / Metis, Mental Health, Special Needs, Women
Phone: 237-9263
Fax: 233-2564
Website: http://www.sararielinc.com/
Key Contact: Diane Lau
Position: Executive Director
Email Address: dlau@sararielinc.com


Sara Riel, Inc.
66 Moore Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2M 2C2


Sara Riel Inc. is a charitable organization that provides voluntary programs and services in a community-based setting to adults experiencing mental health concern. Sara Riel Inc. receives core funding through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and relies on the generosity of donors for other expenses.

Other Info:

Sara Riel offers a spectrum of services from Community Rehabilitation programs at 210 Kenny Street to apartment supported living and supported living into the community for persons experiencing mental health concerns.

Community Rehabilitation Program: The Kenny Street residence is licensed providing 22 beds and offers 24 hour daily support and rehabilitation services for individuals experiencing mental health concerns.

Supported Housing Services: Sara Riel has its own apartment block on Marion Street. The program is open to adults experiencing mental health concerns and needing supports to live with more autonomy in apartment settings. The service offers safe affordable housing as well as access to Sara Riel's services. Sara Riel also has a staff who works to find natural community rentals and provides the required supports based on individual assessments.