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Winnipeg Rental Property Owners Association (WRPOA) Resource ID: 19
Sector: Affordable Housing, Market Rental
Phone: 204-XXX-XXX
Key Contact: Heather Geddie
Email Address: info@winnipegrentalpropertyowners.net


Winnipeg Rental Property Owners Association (WRPOA)

Winnipeg, Manitoba


To provide support, advocacy, and resources to Winnipeg landlords, to aid them in providing the best possible rental housing, while respecting and observing their need to sustain a profitable business venture.

Other Info:

WRPOA advocates on behalf of small landlords, giving them a united voice and strength of representation to address inequities in legislation and policies that adversely affect them and hamper their ability to maintain quality rental properties.

WRPOA strives for equitable distribution of resources and responsibilities in the provision of rental housing, to ensure that governments are carrying their share of the responsibility and providing their share of necessary resources.