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Tenant Landlord Cooperation program (TLC)

The Tenant-Landlord Cooperation (TLC) program was initiated in the West Broadway community and has since been adopted by several community across Canada.  The aim of the program is to promote the upkeep and maintenance of rental properties while fostering good working relationships between landlords and tenants. Currently, the most active TLC program is running in the North End communities of William Whyte, North Point Douglas, Dufferin, St. Johns and Lord Selkirk Park.


In the North End phone 927-2334 or email.

The North End TLC is managed by the North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC).  As part of the incentive for joining the TLC, landlords will be given preference for NECRC's small grant programs.  These grants must be matched dollar for dollar by the landlord, and can range from $1000 to $2500 (depending on the neighbourhood).

In the North End, the TLC Coordinator seeks to help tenants and landlords to deal with rental issues where they feel they are being taken advantage of.  The program builds community capacity to deal with tenancy issues through one-on-one advocacy and the delivery of workshops. In addition to providing information on rights and responsibilities, the program tries to inform landlords and tenants on tenancy related strategies, best practices and grant opportunities.

Based on an inspection, program provides TLC signs to qualifying landlords identifying their properties as desirable rentals and providing community recognition for their contribution to the neighbourhood. The program is developing a TLC tenant card that will help tenants address and repair poor rental histories while assisting in connecting quality tenants with TLC landlords.